How Our Side by Side / UTV Tours Work

Everything you need to know so you can plan your Side by Side / UTV Tour for the best comfort and enjoyment!

There are two main types of Side-by-Side Tours that we operate here at Fresno Ridge.

  • Tours where you drive the Side by Side, while following one of our guides leading the route with a different vehicle.
  • Tours where we will take care of the driving while you and your friends enjoy a scenic ride and we can include fun stops like local wineries & breweries.

UTV Tour Itinerary

  • Please do not be late! At your scheduled check in time, we will have a short orientation where we go over how to drive our machines and some basic safety rules for the trip. We will verify everyone has the necessary safety gear and has signed the waivers.
  • We set off on a scenic route for the next 2.5 hours (depending on which tour you selected) that will include a mixture of dirt and paved back country roads. Some tour options may include stops along the way, whereas other may be continuous driving.
  • For most tours you will be driving the side by side that you rented, following one of our guides in another vehicle that will be leading the group along the route.
  • For select tours, such as Winery or Brewery Tours, we will be driving the vehicle while you and your friends enjoy the ride.

What should we wear on our UTV Tour?

You will want to dress for the weather!

Although we do have a roof and windshield on all of our machines, you will be exposed to wind, dust, and any other weather we may encounter. It is best to wear clothes you don't mind getting dusty!

If you are scheduling a tour in the late fall / winter monthes, dress like you would for snowmobiling or skiing.

  • We will also provide a free bandanna to help keep any dust out of your face / hair and set of disposable ear plugs for each participant.
  • We do require you to wear either your own sunglasses (recommended) or safety glasses we can provide on request.
  • Helmets are optional in the State of Ohio, however we recommend them and have several sizes available for use if you choose. Bike helmets also work as well.